The world is watching Adrian Bourgeois!  Okay maybe not the whole world (that’d be kind of creepy), but probably Big Brother and at very least a good handful of local entertainment rags, powerpop blogspots, and online independent music reviewers; in short, that small elusive world in which buzzes are born, and they all seem to be saying the same thing.  “There’s no doubt he’s a young artist poised for pop greatness,” reads this year’s International Pop Overthrow West Coast Guide, “Definitely one to watch!”  “I can’t wait to see what’s next,” gushes an album review on the blog Powerpopaholic and Sacramento music magazine Submerge agrees that, “The future is bright indeed for this pop star in waiting.”  Jackson Griffith of the Sacramento News and Review even makes the prediction that “One day in the not-too-distant future, Adrian Bourgeois will be an influential force in pop music.”  The common message: The whole world is not watching Adrian Bourgeois….but maybe they should be!

Perhaps this is all boilerplate talk, the type of thing that is written about an artist that is superfluous enough to make him sound good but not specific enough to commit to any type of serious interest.  Not so in the case of 24 year old Sacramento native Adrian Bourgeois .  “He’s a wide-eyed six-year-old boy trapped inside a twenty-something pop-genius’s body,” writes Jon Meyer of the Boston radio station WERS dubbing Bourgeois’s songs “musical finger paintings” and concluding that “There’s as much C.S. Lewis as there is Simon and Garfunkel in this Californian’s airy, dreamy folk-laced sound.”  Jackson Griffith is almost poetic when describing Bourgeois’s songs as possessing “a remarkable melodic confidence—just when a tune has ingratiated itself into your memory, in the way the kind of pop music does that inspires one to whistle, the melody sweeps upward, turning and dancing in that unpredictable way that a flock of birds does when it moves toward the sun,” and more succinctly as “among the finest post-Beatles pop tunes I’ve ever heard.”  And Not Lame Recordings had this to say about Bourgeois’s mostly self arranged and self performed and completely self written debut album: “His plaintive, inviting voice intoxicates, filling the listener with the beautiful arrangements and Bourgeois’s easy cadence makes for an inviting introduction on this debut---yet it’s the slow, urgent, unfolding melodies that shine, shine, shine and are impossible to miss.”  The same album made several year end best albums of 2008 lists.  He's been awarded his hometown's prestigious Sammie award for best songwriter as well as the Grand Prize of the national OurStage music competition.  In September 2010 Adrian was selected as the first ever winner of Project Aloft Star, an online music competion put on by Aloft Hotels, and as a result opened the November 2010 Live In The Vineyard sharing the stage with the likes of the Zac Brown Band, Neon Trees and Guster.  The future indeed does look bright for Adrian Bourgeois who has as of late been relentlessly touring the US and wrapping up work on his second album entitled "Pop/Art" recorded completely at home with Adrian playing and singing nearly all the parts, but the present doesn’t look so bad either. According to the Sacramento News and Review, “It’s becoming silly to say, “Watch this guy; he’s going places.”  The fact is he’s already there.”

Why believe in Adrian Bourgeois? Adrian Bourgeois believes in you.  He is an old fashioned sort of artist in that the songs he writes are inspired by moss-covered monuments, soldiers with umbrellas, merry-go-rounds that come to life, and reading other peoples’ minds. He believes that music itself as a sound and an essence cannot change the world but music that is written about love and magic, water and fiction, war and childhood, can indeed change the world, as well as the ocean that moves the world and the tiny drops of water that create the ocean. This is why he believes in you. You are the ocean. Adrian Bourgeois believes in creating drops of water because even the ocean gets thirsty sometimes.